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We are a group of people meeting in the Thornaby Community Centre  who are interested in talking about the history of Thornaby .  “Remembering Thornaby” attracts  many people who come along to our meetings with photographs, memorabilia and cherished memories they wished to share.  Here is the home for your story which by sharing with us becomes the History of the Town that is home and in your blood. Through the internet the Group would like to extend our stories and make everyone share our Towns history.

We are looking for photos of street life in Thornaby in the 1950’s. If we could see some people dancing in the icecream café Mandale Triangle about then we would be pleased to show them at our for coming exhibition in Preston Park museum.

Also if we could see some of Robinson’s Dairy café in 1960’s in Thornaby road next to the swimming baths, along with any stories about going to the café. This would help us update our stories and may be the start of our new book on the 1950’s changes in Thornaby.  We would love to tell our new generation children what our childhood was like before Television and the BBC only operate Home three Channels on the radio.

George Street with the electric Five Lamps

George Street with the electric Five Lamps

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WESTBURY STREET SCHOOL FORM 1B2 THORNABY  1950 WITH MR SINCLAIRMiss Goodhall's Westbury Street Junior School choir

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Does anybody remember going to Barbara’s 13th birthday when all the her school class and her teacher were invited?

Does anybody remember going to Westbury Street  Junior School and being in the choir?

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1914 one hundred years

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RAF Thornaby was a place where pilots learnt to fly in the early Flying Corp a fore runner before the RAF was formed. Their skills were needed in the Great War to tell the Generals where to aim the guns in the battle and where the enemy troops are dug in. There was many crashes as the pilots horned their skills most of which the pilots survived to tell the tale. One crash was when a landing plane took the roof off the ambulance travelling to another plane crash on the air field. Flying in Thornaby was very dangerous.

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Our new Project


VICTORY’S CHILDREN by Derrick Smith . Will see a Photo come to life and an exhibition in Preston Hall will make you sit down with the people and watch 70 years, you will find out who was there at the party and find out what it was like to live in the street and see why it was a very close community.

The show is up and running please go and see it at Preston Park Museum all are welcome.

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Who Remembers Thornaby?

Just to show that Remembering Thornaby does get a fair few views from around the world. 7,352 so far.

Remembering Thornaby Web Stats

Remembering Thornaby Web Stats

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The Queens visits to Thornaby


The Royal visit to Thornaby race course in 1956.

  The first visit to Thornaby as the Queen of England

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All these people seen the visit of the Queen in 1956

All these people seen the visit of the Queen in 1956

People waving their flags. Happy Faces

The Queen during her reign has visited the town of Thornaby many times I was there the last time she visited to open the newly remade white water course over the River in Stockton but she had to travel once again on Thornaby roads which are called Teesside.


scan0017 queen royal visit to thornaby scan0079 scan0080



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We need your help


17 April 2010 088Top-006 Who was this man?

Mr Smith was a Thornaby man that made the sundial for sundial cottage on the Thornaby Green.

He made the sundial that is on the cottage wall and also the one in Middlesbrough Albert Park, that one ( in Albert Park) was cut wrong and does not accurately tell the time, but that is alright it is hardly sunny in the Park. |As a time piece it looks and the design is good he just got his angles wrong. When the sun shines the time is fast, but that gives you time to buy a ice cream when you are in the park before the shops shut.

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Thornaby History needs you…

scan0008RTG28 YORK ST AND HIBERNIA ST.GROUP YOUNG PEOPLE  C1902Misc (77)Scan-009J Smith Glazier Georgina St"waiting for dad to come home"

scan0008-2  RTG19 PROCESSION THORNABY ROAD OUTSIDE CROWN HOTEL QUEEN STRThornaby has a story to tell helps us to tell it…

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In a Hundred years Thornaby on Tees has changed its story moves on

THE REC THORNABYJ Smith Glazier Georgina St"waiting for dad to come home"park 1_recpleasure gardens St LukesSmallpox hospitalriver1St Peter's Church (5)

scan0071-1 planes7 DSC02126LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01Thornaby on Tees is always advancing sometimes not in the way its people would like. The changes can be seen in the buildings and in its people who call it home. Many names of the schools and sports grounds are names of people who gave their lives for this country for instance the Littleboy who Littleboy  park is named after is one such person. Major Cooper VC who was given his VC when he was fighting in the First World War has long time connections with Thornaby. He set up the remembering Red Poppy appeal in Thornaby, often you would see him selling the poppies by the Five Lamps on Mandale Road. He was one of the members who saw the Thornaby  war memorial was placed in the Pleasure Gardens Acklam road.

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Here is Our Queen visiting Thornaby in 1977

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